End of May has always been equal to “birthday” for me. Given the fact that we moved together during this latest year and we are really eager to make home really feel like home, I thought that my birthday this year should involve a little something something for AK as well. In our flat we have this little rectangled room inside the bedroom and the obvious choice as turning it in to a walk-in closet. So, obviously, we did as soon as we moved in back in September 2014. And though those white HAY hangers and the olive green metal locker looked really sharp inside our movement sensible walk-in, it just didn’t look sharp enough. So in all of my knights templar-attitude, I surfed the net for decent providers and ended up linking with the absolute genius people over at Rackbuddy for a couple of meetings in order for them to let them do their magic on our beautiful minimalistic industrial walk-in closet to be.

After leaving the flat for a birthday breakfast very far from the bed as usual on our birthdays (which I had a hard time explaining why), AK came back to the result of 4 hours of manpower: a completely new walk-in with a huge pink bow on it. Plenty of space for long dresses, suits, stilettos and sneakers. Man, you can sleep inside if you feel like it. As you can tell from the video and the speechlessness in it, the result was (and still is) stunning and beyond. Bulbs are from FRAMAcph and every other single bit and piece is a handmake of RackBuddy. The most recommendable buddy I’ve had so far; their professionalism, creativity, service and most importantly price is un-competeable with. And yes, they deliver all sorts of solutions for shops too. Give it a go; and tell them I said hi!







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