I am a great fan of this establishment! As you already know, Overgaard & Dyrman are masters of wire and furniture. Dig deeper into their craft with this 2 minute film showing the passion and craftsmanship behind their recently launched Wire Collection. With the film ‘The Passion of Making’ Overgaard & Dyrman gives a glimpse of the crafting part of the creation of their Wire Dining Chair, showing the process, complexity and passion behind their debut furniture collection, the Wire Collection. A collection inspired by traditional saddle making techniques and metal work combined with the use of modern technology.

“We celebrate traditional craftsmanship and embrace modern technology. Merging these methods gives us the opportunity to preserve our fantastic craft heritage and to experiment with the use of complex forms and manufacturing methods. The Wire Collection is a result of this approach to design.” Says Jasper Overgaard, Creative Director and co-founder of Overgaard & Dyrman

Overgaard & Dyrman believe the most efficient way to increase the longevity of a product lies not only in the use of great materials and a durable construction, but also in the overall design and the attention to details.

“We love the idea that a piece of furniture should appear beautiful even when turned upside down or inside out. We believe that only a product which is also beautiful in the making will end up as a complete and truly beautiful product – meaning that no detail is insignificant.”

The Wire Collection includes a dining chair, a lounge chair, a lounge sofa and a coffee table. A bar stool and a bar chair will soon to be added to the collection. The Wire Collection can be purchased directly through Overgaard & Dyrman and from a number of selected stores worldwide. For further information and inquiries see www.oandd.dk.


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