Had myself a “Nostalgia, Ultra” moment as I sported this combination of wristwear this weekend. As previously mentioned Dyrberg/Kern has returned with a purpose, so I had to try out if the comeback was real.

Alongside the impressive brass accessories I took on my first smartwatch – surprisingly by none other than GUESS. Now, I know that the brand is doing a great stunt with A$AP & Naomi in a minute but previous to that I’ll tell ya: the iconic brand owns a pretty decent smartwatch collection! Besides telling the time it’ll dial AND have the conversation directly from the watch’s loudspeaker. That’s if you like to look like a special agent as you walk the urban streets. Otherwise it’ll do voice control easily, turn up the music and be your alarm and most definitely so much more that I have yet to discover. But in short – I can most definitely deal with this!

The brand nostalgia comeback sure is real.



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