My first ever “outfit grid” post (posted sometime in 2008 on a super horrible wordpress-themed contained a Skagen watch. Skagen served as my first “grown-up” (or at least more grown) watch – and I loved it with all that I had and was. Unfortunately this black leather watch with equal black dial got stolen from me; an event that in one way made me feel super cool thinking that I had something that valuable to others but it equally made me feel super sad since the watch also was that valuable to me. The good news is though that SKAGEN and I are back together in a happy relationship.

The Danish rooted brand is enjoying a great deal of deserved success based on it’s great range of accessories spanning from timepieces to access and leather goods and I couldn’t be prouder to bear the brand on my wrist. To me SKAGEN represents “Danish-ness” (there is no such thing as that wording. Pardon my English), quality, craftsmanship and minimalism – just as we Scandinavians like it. So keep yourself close to and @virgthebird as you’ll be able to see which are my favorites and how I use them. It will hopefully serve as inspiration for you to go get yourself started with your own Skagen collection.

Below I’m sporting the gorgeous Holst World Time and Alarm Chronograph with blue dial as an eye-catching contrast to the tan leather band. Get a closer look and details over at

VICTORJONES3147[Victor Jones on the lense]



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