From a litlle pitstop in Berlin the trip went straight ahead for London a few hours later. London was business and pleasure in a trusted network of Fellows with whom I travel different locations of Europe in order to exchange experiences and enjoy life. Also we had our meeting within the historical Tower Bridge and enjoyed a dinner quite accordingly to the rest of the theme at the Criterion dressed in Black Tie.

London was switched out with Stockholm after a beautiful night and great company. Stockholm was cold but filled with pleasures, fashion shows and lovely food. Morten from H&M was with me throughout the stay and along our way we meet the cool cat Jean-Claude aka New Kiss On the Blog. Thanks for good laughs and great drinks. Also… “Where’s that suit from?”. Laura Lawaetz the StyleJunkie was bopped up chiquely in wifey’s brand Storm & Marie and did well wearing it. Frederikke Brasch was – as usual – on the run, this time with the always intriguing Funda. Laberiane “TheBlab” tagged along for French onion soup and steaks. Spent a whole day at the H&M headquarters – a beautiful institution with lots to give and also with an impressive number of facts that might blow your mind away. Did you know H&M has just about a 1000 designers and they shoot a minimum of 30 packshots a day? Now you do. The Whyred fashion show has a great deal of vests lined up for Fall and Winter 2015, while new menswear designer at Filippa K, Alexander Schaper, took the polished and clean aesthetic for a wash and molded some roughed up details and oversized pieces.

Thanks for all to each and every one. Now it’s off for the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Vamos!



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