Your mellow Thursday the 19th of February just became much more likeable, son! Yours truly aka Grey Slacks and B&O Play are giving away some brand new Deep Red BeoPlay H2’s. Why? Well, why not? The new BeoLit portable speaker just hit the street, spring is around the corner and we are in a good mood. So let’s hit this one from today till Friday 27th.

How to win?

Step 1: Go to BeoPlay and find how many colorways the H2 is available in

Step 2: Head to your Instagram account. Find @virgthebird and press “Follow”

Step 3: Write your answer from Step 1 on my H2 Instagram-post

The DeepRed H2’s have a value of DKK 1.499, play awesomely, are any-smartphone compatible and look madly fly as accessory too (them headphones are covered in lambskin yo!!). Go getta’s!


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