Visited the midst of London for the release of the “latest, meanest, slickest and baddest shaver there is”! Growing a minimal amount of beard or moustache throughout an entire year I probably couldn’t whether the 7 was better than the 9 series; BUT the demonstration that was given to us on that warm and sunny June Wednesday was thorough enough to convince me that this shaver means serious business. Also it looks very much like a machine I would be proud to have posted up in my bathroom for guests to admire. Cheers Braun for having us – this loud Scandinavian crew of ours – we enjoyed the show and look forward to shave for years with this machine. It IS great.

Looks like we are going to stay here for a while…

How many blades again?

You had us already at 90, Braun

Bites and bellinis in-between Brauns  

Mobile device charger always comes in handy  

My very own fabricated #strengthofpure Braun stilleben  

 Me, my watch and my shaver = Man, mechanics and machinery

The very beauty! Latest addition to the Braun Shaver Series 9. It’s like the Maybach of shavers.  

Fellows. Obviously my hair needs styling compared to these cats. That’s why I see no reason for smiling.

That’s all, folks!    

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