For the last half of December I had the outmost pleasure of testing the brand new Ford Focus and boy, can she drive! Took her for a spin across the country and back to the City for some Sliders all in pleasure and good health. I do have a lot of love for my metallic silver Mini Cooper (also known as The Devil’s Go-Kart) but switching seats was like jumping into a limousine.

Don’t expect same acceleration and all, but then again – no one buys a station car from Ford for the acceleration of it. You buy it for comfort, thoughtfulness, design, consistency and strength. And that’s what you get with this one; just look how AK enjoys all that space for her laptop and her documents meanwhile entertaining a phone and a pencil in each hand. Ask my Cooper that to host that!

The headlights though are some serious showstoppers; so serious that I found myself driving down the Rødovre part of Roskildevej feeling like Cassidy in his I’m A Hustla-moment. From the outside I might not have been so much hereof. But the Ford Focus does that to you too.





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