I’ve been gone for a minute. My apologies! Work keeps me on my toes and makes me forget time and space. Currently I do quite a bit of walk and talks, recruitment assessment, sparing and general market research and brand development for a great Danish food and beverage concept setting up shop in New York! It’s a ton of fun and equally hard work but no doubt that the steady rays of sun and +26 celsius degrees keeps the motivation at the top. I’ve posted a small photo diary of my days so far. Here you go.

Posted up inside the lounge and in front of the Crosby in AOCMS (of course), G-Star cargos and the inevitable adidas Ultra Boost. The cap is a Créations Grey Slacks piece and the shades are SUPER. newyork_1


Obviously we know nothing of style in Scandinavia! Minimalism is dull. Here’s a duo of designers walking the streets.newyork_3

On top of the James for sun-downersnewyork_4

The necessary visit with some new localsnewyork_5

Always impeccable, here is Phong Bui – founder and editor of The Brooklyn Railnewyork_6

Yours truly in the most luxurious and lightweight oxford served by GANT Rugger accompanied by Whyred shorts and comfortable Arkk Copenhagen kicksnewyork_7


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