Some really great looking styles have been created from the joint partnership between HM and luxurious fashion house Balmain. As with numerous precedent collaborations, this one too, seems to honor the characteristics of both brands. Looking at the price point one might question the quality. Or not. Enjoy a number of the selected styles above as we look forward to the official launch.

Wool. Cargo pants. Always and forever. DKK 699


Out-on-the-town leather piece. DKK 1.999balmainhm_3

New Years Eve 2015 / 2016 will be well spent in this one’s company. DKK 699balmainhm_4

From the office to the bar without changing a thing. DKK 999balmainhm_5

Coat up real nice for winter with a deep neck and a belt to wrap. DKK 1499balmainhm_6

I’ve actually always wanted a jumpsuit. Designed one myself two years ago and this one reminds me a lot about it. If not for wearing, then just for show? DKK 799balmainhm_7

A one-timer. But ever since Tiger of Sweden produced their iconic logo crewneck in these very same colors (in an era they most probably would like to forget now), I’ve been a huge fan of the color combination on upper wear. And embroideries will forever be my friends. DKK 699balmainhm_8

Tight whites, zippers, a bikers’ knee pads and shit. It’s simple, there’s nothing not to like here. DKK 699balmainhm_9

Bring in the militia! DKK 499balmainhm_10

One of my favorites from the entire collection right here. DKK 399balmainhm_11

A staple I guess. Even in the HM context this is still a beautiful, simple and cool brand T-shirt. Only the bearers can fuck up the message. And they will. DKK 249balmainhm_12

The crown of the pack. Enough said. Smash you piggy bank if you want this one instead of a pair of trousers from Yeezy Season. DKK 4.499balmainhm_

Obviously a lot of military references – double-breasted tops in particular – which I appreciate highly, why I must say this collection actually appears to be one of the best suited for my personal wardrobe and layering style of all H&M collabs. Looking forward to get hands on. And then, though it’s early, I wonder which one is next on the collaboration list – Haider Ackermann maybe?

November 5th for store and online release. While you wait, enjoy GQ UK’s interview with Balmain designer and front figure, Oliver Rousteing.

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