GREY SLACKS is a living journal that encapsulates today’s fashion, bottles yesterday’s trends and provides timeless taste.

The heritage is Congolese; strong, welcoming and vibrant – like the malachite stone that constitutes the framework of which universe you are now a part of. The foundation is Danish; minimal, stylish and explorative – adjectives equal to Grey Slacks’ format and substance.

GREY SLACKS feeds inspiration shaped from competence, aesthetics and attitude.

Virgil Nicholas is a statement of more than 10 years within the fashion & lifestyle industry with special focus on brand concepts, consulting and styling within menswear and sneakers. GS is the self-conscious and welcoming communicative online media platform and universe that bridges the gap between the like-minded who care for high-end consumer goods and the associated lifestyle that follows.

Whatever comes my way, be it personal, work related, affiliate or none of it, I will not hesitate to share. So stay on to, my Instagram as I enter. Off we go.

Virgil Nicholas